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What if I fall off the wagon? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alan Goldhamer, D.C.   
Wednesday, 23 March 2005 17:59

I know that dramatic benefits can be received by adopting a Hygienic lifestyle. To what degree will I still receive those benefits if I fall off the wagon periodically?

The key word here is “periodically.” Clearly, you do not need to be 100 percent compliant in order to be healthy. Under normal circumstances, your body is able to compensate to a certain degree for your occasional dietary and lifestyle indiscretions.

But occasional indiscretions can quickly be-come habitual ones. Many people find that it is easier for them to develop consistent, long-term, health-promoting behaviors if they eliminate certain old habits entirely, rather than constantly tempting themselves with concentrated sources of sugar, fat, and salt.

Keep in mind that cravings for sugar, fat, and salt helped insure the survival of our species. In a natural setting, concentrated sources of sugar, fat, and salt are scarce. There are no hamburger bushes or chocolate chip cookie trees. Heated, processed, refined foods do not exist in a natural setting. As a consequence, during our evolutionary history there was no reason to rule out our natural desire for those substances. In fact, in a natural setting these very drives lead us to fruits, vegetables, and other whole, natural foods.

Today, we have countless varieties of processed foods (each designed to fool your natural instincts), and the desire to eat them is strong. So you may find that it is easier just to draw the line and not to “occasionally” tease yourself with things that may lead to further consumption.

The longer you practice these health-promoting recommendations, the less powerfully unhealthful foods will call out to you. That is why we stress the importance of consistency with your diet and lifestyle patterns as part of an overall strategy that will lead to long-term health and happiness.

Alan Goldhamer, D.C.


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