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Joanne Cowan

Joanne Cowan

“Natural Hygiene came into my life unexpectedly, made a huge impact on my health today and, I’m confident, on my wellness for the rest of my life.”

“In May of 2004 I welcomed a new renter into my home. Unbeknownst to me, she had been practicing Natural Hygiene for fifteen years. As I learned about how she ate and why, and I read her magazines and books, I became very open to know more. Everything I learned about health, disease, longevity and other benefits of her lifestyle deeply resonated with me and I wanted to ‘do it’ myself.

“I’m 55 and I had been a vegetarian off and on for many years. I thought I was living in a health promoting way, because, as someone diagnosed and treated for multiple sclerosis (M.S.) for 30 years, I had paid attention to how and what I ate as part of my health maintenance. My current treatment was a weekly IM injection of interferon, with Tylenol or Advil for pain or discomfort. Also, I had been using a cane with greater and greater reliance during the last five years. In addition to being intrigued about the general potentials of Natural Hygiene, I was ready to stop with the shots and leave the cane.

“I called to register for the NHA Conference in July and it was sold out, but after being on a waiting list for only a few hours a cancellation was received and the opportunity was available to go to Florida. I found the Conference exciting and positive on many levels: the other attendees, some new to the ways like me and others practicing for many years, were friendly and willing to share; the presenters, bringing years of experience, anecdotes, and wisdom were open and informative; the food was magnificent — both generous and delicious (thank you, John); the fellowship of the whole weekend with meals served outside under canopies in sun or rain was a pleasure; and the daily lectures and other opportunities, like Tai Chi, dancing, cooking or exercise classes were abundant.

“I came home and knew I had en-countered something that was life changing. I cleaned out my cupboards of all the sugars, flours, sauces and condiments that I no longer wanted to eat. I gave our local shelter boxes of cans and packaged foods and I bought organic food and organic seasonings. That was great and I felt terrific, but I wanted to fast.

“I called and spoke with both Dr. D.J. Scott and Dr. Alan Goldhamer, and I decided TrueNorth Health Center in California was the best match for my situation. I went to Penngrove with only the expectation that I would have a healthy, cleansing experience. What would happen to my M.S. was unknown. In late November I underwent a ten-day, water-only fast followed by five days of refeeding.

“Everyone, including me, was concerned about how I would handle the experience, given my M.S. I hadn’t given myself a shot for several months and I was feeling great from the diet changes, but fatigue and weakness are prevalent symptoms of M.S., so attention to my special needs was appropriate. I am pleased to relate that the fast went smoothly, with only a few nights of some stomach/gas discomfort.

“The fast had a tremendous effect on me — my weight went from 112 to 98 (now it’s 105 and that feels fine); I feel and look younger; my energy is consistently high; I’m walking better than I have in twenty years; hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms are infrequent; and I’m detoxed and off of coffee (which was a favorite drink for decades!), salt (alas, I loved salt), oil and other processed foods. My taste buds are rejuvenated! It’s an interesting experience that when I do eat something salty I can really tell and actually don’t prefer it.

“I know everyone’s experience with an autoimmune disorder is unique, and the same is true with fasting. I’m fortunate that my history with M.S. has been manageable and that the fast was so effective. I can’t assure the same results for anyone else (we’ve all heard the adage, ‘there are no guarantees’) but I’m writing to share what happened to me — fasting and Natural Hygiene can create wonderful changes.

“I kept a journal during my days at the Health Center, and I realized as I wrote that one of the reasons why Natural Hygiene, and especially taking a fast, appealed so much to me was the potential of the increased freedom from the diseases that twenty years ago killed both of my parents in their early sixties: my father from colon cancer and eight years later my mother from breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. I had been carrying a fear from their sad, early deaths that that would be me too, and Natural Hygiene presents a path to follow to make it unlikely.

“I’m telling everyone I know about what I’ve learned and my experience. (I’m even putting my story in a magazine!) I’ve given the books of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and The Pleasure Trap by Dr. Alan Goldhamer to several friends. Most recently, I’ve just finished reading T. Colin Campbell’s book The China Study. These are terrifically informative books and explain the importance of how, why, and what we should and shouldn’t eat, in order to maximize our health, much better than I can.

“It’s less than a year since I learned about Natural Hygiene and I’ve settled into the ways and joys of a daily routine to maintain and promote good health and longevity through rest and good food. I’m using no medications, I’m happy and feeling great. I guess I sound like a poster-girl for Natural Hygiene, but it’s become a significant component of my life and I hope others will explore it as well.”

This story appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of Health Science magazine.


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