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Irving and Ruth Schoenfeld
Irving and Ruth SchoenfeldMeet Irving and Ruth Schoenfeld
Celebrating over 30 years of dedicated service

ANHS Life members Irving and Ruth Schoenfeld have been members of the Society since 1956. This year they were awarded the ANHS Distinguished Service Award for their more than 30 years of dedication to Natural Hygiene.

Irving is the Pied Piper of ANHS. His role at Conferences is, in his words, “to keep the children happy and out of the hair of their parents. When parents go to lectures, the children go wild running around not knowing what to do. So I take them, and we play games, go swimming and hiking, or we go on a field trip. I keep them busy and happy all day. And they make me happy, too!”

“Natural Hygiene has prolonged our life healthfully,” says Ruth. She teaches the Bates method eye exercises at ANHS Conferences. “I was 34 years of age when I started the eye exercises,” she says, “and at age 35 my eyes normalized.” Ruth also teaches a weekly class in natural health at the community school.

Irving begins his day with tennis every morning from 7:30 to 9:00. “I don’t believe in overeating, you know, eating three meals a day,” he says. “I usually eat one or two meals a day. I do a lot of volunteer work now with the blind and other organizations, like visiting the nursing homes, which keeps me busy all day, and I forget about eating.”

“Based on our experience,” says Ruth, “people, especially young people, need to learn to keep busy. They have to have projects and they have to be influenced by somebody, someone they can look up to. We need responsible adults who can guide children in productive activities.”

Their granddaughter Danielle, who is 15 years old, is a high school student. Her mom and dad aren’t vegetarians, but she is. She says she is influenced by grandma and grandpa.

Her favorite food? “Probably watermelon,” she says.

Does she ever feel “different” from other kids at school? “When we go out, most of my friends know I’m a vegetarian so we find restaurants where I can eat. And things have changed a lot at school. A lot of people are watching their health, and a lot of my friends at school are vegetarians, too. I even had a science teacher at my school who was a vegetarian, and she was totally into Natural Hygiene!”

This story appeared in the September/October 1994 issue of Health Science magazine.

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