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Cookbooks and Recipes

Dr. Fuhrman’s Secrets to Healthy Cooking – DVD
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Join Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and his wife Lisa in the kitchen as they show you how to prepare great tasting and high nutrient dense recipes including salad dressings and dips, soups and stews, main dishes, vegetable smoothies, and ice cream and sorbets. A bonus recipe booklet is also included.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Secrets to Healthy Cooking – DVD
Order #338
Retail: $21.99
Members: $18.70

Vegetarian Magic
Chef John B. Nowakowski

Included are over 200 incredibly delicious vegan recipes from the gourmet chef of the world-renowned Regency Health Resort and Spa! Appeals both to people taking their first steps toward dietary change, as well as those who have well-established vegan dietary habits. 2nd edition.

Order #261
Retail: $19.95
Members: $16.95

The Health Promoting Cookbook
Alan Goldhamer, D.C.

Everything you need to know to adopt or maintain a totally healthful diet. These recipes are wheat-free, low-fat, and include no animal products or added oil, salt, or sugar. Includes more than 200 recipes, each accompanied by a detailed nutritional analysis.

Order #244
Retail: $12.95
Members: $11.00

The New World of Eating
Paula Duvall

Learn how to create healthful eating strategies for your family. Includes tips on everything from shopping and menu planning to food preparation and serving. Even includes recipes for family members who still eat meat. Recipes are rated according to their “healthfulness.”

Order #226
Retail: $24.95
Members: $12.45

Watch & Learn: DVDs

Cooking with Tofu
Chef John B. Nowakowski


This DVD will teach you how to prepare Scrambled Tofu, Alfredo Sauce, Tofu Ricotta "Cheese," Tofu Egg Salad and Tofu Mousse. Includes complete recipes and helpful hints.

Order #333D
Retail: $19.95
Members: $16.95

Healthy Cooking Made Easy & Delicious DVD
Jill Harrington

The emphasis of this DVD is simplicity. Includes over 20 recipes using only unprocessed, whole-plant foods. All ingredients are free of animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, oil, soy, salt, sugar and flour. What’s left? You’ll be amazed. Great for a beginner, yet has some gourmet twists for even the experienced Natural Hygiene eater.

Order #336D
Retail: $29.95
Members: $25.45

Watch & Learn: VHS Tape

Vegan Cuisine VHS
Demonstrated by C.J. Clark

See how simple it is to prepare delicious vegan dishes with a minimum of fuss and work. Sauces, dressings, salads, juices, soups, and main dishes are included.

Order #327
Retail: $19.95
Members: $16.95


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