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Lynn Grudnik

Lynn Grudnik
Executive Director and Editor of Health Science Magazine

Lynn was born and raised in Chicago. Shortly after getting married, Lynn and her husband, Bud, moved to Tampa and started a graphic design firm. In 1984, they were asked by the American Natural Hygiene Society (ANHS) to produce the graphics and layout of Health Science magazine. Lynn and Bud worked on the magazine for over eight years until ANHS decided to publish the magazine in-house.

Lynn did not realize how working on Health Science magazine would change her life forever. In 1991, she was diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure. Since she did not like the idea of being on medication for the rest of her life, Lynn knew she had to take charge and do something. She turned to past issues of Health Science magazine. Although she had typed many of the articles that appeared in Health Science, they had new meaning to Lynn once she learned about her condition. She decided to make important changes in her diet and lifestyle. She gave up caffeine and processed foods high in fat and sodium and eliminated all animal and dairy products from her diet. It was a slow process, but regular exercise and changes to her diet brought Lynn's blood pressure down and off her medication. Bud made many of the same changes in his lifestyle to support his wife and lost nearly fifty pounds!

In 1995, Lynn went to work for ANHS, now known as the National Health Association (NHA). In 2001, after almost six years with the organization, she became the NHA's Executive Director and Editor of Health Science magazine. She enjoys working for the National Health Association because it gives her the opportunity to meet wonderful people and share the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Lynn credits the information she found in Health Science magazine with changing her life.

Lynn and Bud are Life members of the NHA. They have one married daughter and became proud grandparents a year ago.

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