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Monday, 02 November 2009 12:34
It’s Time to Get Moving!
by Tiffany and Stephan Esser, M.D.

It’s a new year and the perfect time to take tally of your blessings while setting goals for 2010.  The proverb goes, “Health is the first wealth,” so take a moment to step away from planning the 401k and worrying about what the stock market might do next week. It’s time to invest a little “capital” into your personal health bank.

How are you doing? Is your energy high, your step strong and your breath clear?  If not maybe you have some work to do. Today we are going to focus on one of the seven basic tenets of good health. You know them: clean air, clean water, healthy food, emotional poise, good sleep, sunlight and today’s topic sufficient exercise.

Let’s face it, our bodies were meant to move. We were built to roam the forests, plains and fields, hunting, gathering, growing and laboring. Our technical innovations and rapid industrialization have left us stranded on the couch or sitting in the car with a genetic make-up that is screaming to MOVE.

Instead of silencing your innate desire to be healthy, let’s feed it.  Here’s how . . .

1:  Evaluate your health.
Good, bad or otherwise take a long hard look.  What’s holding you back, and no excuses like…"I’m just getting old" or my back is hurting.  You have over 650 muscles in the body so if you can’t work one work the others.  If you have major health problems such as heart disease etc, then get a check up before starting intense exercise, but start doing something daily.

2:  What’s your schedule?
Can you work exercise into your daily activities, or can you set aside time in blocks?  What days, what times?  Can you take the stairs, park further from the store, get in a pool, find a tennis partner?  Can you do bicep curls with water jugs while watching TV?  You get the idea. 

3: What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
Do you like to walk, swim, bike, use gym equipment, play tennis, belly dance. . .the list goes on.  There is something for everyone and there is no "one size fits all."  Choose things you enjoy doing, places you like and people who uplift and support you.

4:  Do you enjoy exercising with others or on your own?
This can let you know if you should be in a gym, with a trainer, exercising with friends or perhaps out for quiet walks in the park by yourself.  Maybe varying it is the best thing for you.  Be dynamic, mix it up.

5:  Do you need a personal trainer?
Maybe!  You don’t need anyone to start taking the stairs instead of the elevator or stretching before bed.  However if you intend to start a focused gym program and have never worked with weights or equipment, or if you have old injuries and don’t know what exercise is safe for you then finding a good personal trainer is a great idea.   

We hope this short list of simple ideas can help you make a plan for 2010.  Exercise is essential to the health of every organ in the body.  It reduces our risk of Alzheimers, strokes, heart attacks, cancers, diabetes and depression to name just a few.  If you really want to be healthy then you will make it a part of your daily life.
Well it’s time for us to stop talking and start moving.  We want to be healthy for a long, long time and hope you will join us in embracing a life of vitality!  We’re off to exercise and hope to see you moving too!

Seek Health in 2010.


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