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2011 NHA Healthy Living Conference Highlights PDF Print E-mail

60th Natural Living Conference
September 22-26
Regency Health Spa

Brand new members as well as longtime enthusiasts gathered at the Regency Spa in Hallandale, Florida, to celebrate the 60th NHA Conference. Attendees enjoyed delicious food, excellent lectures, informal question-and-answer sessions with speakers, a food demonstration by Chef John Nowakowski, an all Women's Panel, yoga, stretching exercises, tai chi, a variety of fitness activities in the pool, spa treatments, morning walks along the boardwalk and beach plus beautiful Florida weather and much more.

An outstanding group of speakers delivered lectures on a wide range of topics – nutrition, fasting, digestion, knee and back pain, stroke, healthy aging and more. Lectures were inspirational, educational and entertaining! Our speakers this year included: Alec Burton, M.Sc., D.O., D.C., Nejla Burton, Ms., D.O., D.C., Stephan Esser, M.D., Tiffany Esser, CPT, Michael Greger, M.D., Paul Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C., D.A.C.B.N., Joy Gross; Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., Michael Klaper, M.D., John Nowakowski, and Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D.

A good time was had by all. Dates for the 2012 NHA Conference will be announced soon. Hope to see you there!


 8. tai chi dr. sabatino.jpg

Tai chi class with Dr. Frank Sabatino.

10. womens panel.jpg

New this year – an All Women's Panel which included Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., Joy Gross and Tiffany Esser, CPT.

11. dr. greger jerry.jpg

NHA President Jerry Deutsch with Dr. Michael Greger.

12. dr. greger.jpg

Dr. Michael Greger presented two lectures on clinical nutrition using an entertaining "quiz show" format.
26. esser sabatino klaper.jpg

Drs. Stephan Esser, Frank Sabatino and Michael Klaper.

36. fortune  friends.jpg

New York friends pose on the beach. From left to right: Fortune Debbah, Estar Hazan, Gladys Mandalaoui and Ilana Dabah.

39. heart happy aerobics.jpg

Attendees enjoyed beautiful weather and "Happy Heart" Aerobics in the pool.

45. jerry.jpg

Jerry Deutsch enjoyed an early morning walk on the beach!

58. morning yoga.jpg

Morning yoga class with Tiffany Esser.

70. old and new friends.jpg

The NHA Conference is a great opportunity to make new friends. First row from left to right: Mamiko Matsuda, Vivian Rackmil, Domenica Steinbaugh, Alva Williams. Second row: Mike Speedling, William Wolf, Lauren Hacker, David Tener and Josh Orlean.

71. burtons goldbergdavid.jpg

Drs. Alec Burton, Paul Goldberg, Nejla Burton and David Tener.

73. chef john.jpg

Chef John Nowakowski delighted attendees with a food demonstration – and samples of his delicious recipes.

75. domenica lynn mamiko.jpg

NHA Executive Director Lynn Grudnik with NHA Life members Mamiko Matsuda and Domenica Steinbaugh.


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